Sent to Electroacoustic Miniatures – Sound Walk 2014
Theme: Revolution & Metamorphosis: Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the 1974 Portuguese Revolution.

French term «déferlante» refers to a large wave at breaking point, with all the resulting impetus. It also describes a mass arrival, a surge of people going in the same direction and with the same goal.
Déferlante uses this double meaning to create an allegory of the 1974 Portuguese Revolution. The piece uses Atlantic Ocean recordings made at Praia de Lavadores, near the mouth of the Douro, with different recording positions and distance to the waves, and different weather conditions, from calm and sunny to stormy and windy. The piece concatenates the recordings from the calmest to the most stormy, creating a continuous and relentless crescendo of energy in order to evoke the unyielding force of human will.

Original recordings of the ocean at Porto