This page allows to put several works in progress or trials of pieces.

Variaciones sobre el retrato del Papa Inocencio X

Variaciones preliminares del rostro del papa.


Visiones de Santa Teresa de Avila

With this project, I got started with screendance. I had been composing for years musical pieces about the visions of Teresa of Avila, and I had been working with video about this with the students of Audiovisual Communication. But it was at the workshop on choreography and music Luogo Comune at Spam! (Porcari, Lucca, Italy), that I finally took the first steps to record and create the first screendance.

Tres visiones de Santa Teresa de Ávila: Arrobamiento – El Demonio – Infierno (Three visions of Saint Teresa of Avila: Ecstasy – The Demon – Hell). 6m40. Music & Video-making by Blas Payri. Selected at International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy, 2016.

Arrobamiento (Ecstasy, alternate 1m version). Music & Video-making by Blas Payri.

Dos visiones de Santa Teresa de Avila. 4m. Preliminary version of the editing, premièred at Spam! 18 July 2015. Music & Video-making by Blas Payri.



Based on a poem by Emily Dickinson, «ONE need not be a chamber to be haunted; The brain has corridors surpassing Material place.», this screendance explores the mental corridors and interior fears by using both the choreographic and facial expressions of the dancers, in a style inspired by butoh dance, and most of all, by superposing, deforming and dividing the self in the postproduction process.

Lemuriformes (video-dance). 4m10. Music and video-making by Blas Payri after Francesca Valeri’s choreography. Completed 12/2015.

Dancers: Francesca Valeri, Ambra Stucchi, Bacome Niamba.

Trois regards sur Bacome

In this abstract piece in three parts, visual textures, colors and visual composition are created by freezing the movement of the dancer in time. The music has been created with a software developed by the composer with subtractive synthesis techniques, and plays on the evolution of timbre of percussive sounds combined with sustained sounds.

Trois regards sur Bacome (Three glances at Bacome). 4m40. Completed in 01/2016. Music and video-making by Blas Payri. Dancer: Bacome Niamba.

L’obscur Ennemi

The title and concept of this video-dance comes from Baudelaire’s poem L’Ennemi, and particularly the verses « l’obscur Ennemi qui nous ronge le cœur / du sang que nous perdons croît et se fortifie ! » (translatable as « the obscure Enemy that eats into our hearts / from the blood we loose strengthens and grows! » ).

In this video-dance, the movement and the expression comes from both the recorded choreography and the postproduction transformation. It becomes an exploration of transformation, superposition and blurred movement to convey this « Enemy» that is part of us, a consubstantial part of our mind that we project as an exterior force.

L’obscur Ennemi (The obscure Enemy). 2m. Completed in 03/2016. Music and video-making by Blas Payri. Dancer: Bacome Niamba. Selected at the Braga International Video Dance Festival , 2016.

Expiración: Preliminary version of L’obscur Ennemi. 1m25. Completed in 02/2016. Music and video-making by Blas Payri. Dancer: Bacome Niamba.

Estudios para una catatonia

These are simple studies for a videodance about catatonia. Hopefully, one day I will achieve the study.

Estudio 3 para una catatonia. Completed 03/2016. Music and video-making by Blas Payri. Dancer: Flora Vannini.

Estudio 2 para una catatonia. Completed 03/2016. Music and video-making by Blas Payri. Dancer: Flora Vannini.

Estudio 1 para una catatonia. Completed 03/2016. Music and video-making by Blas Payri. Dancer: Flora Vannini.

Estudios de correspondencia música-luz

Tres estudios de textura-tono-intensidad.

En esta obra se parte de tres piezas contrastantes de música electroacústica y se genera un montaje visual en el que se hace corresponder en la parte visual las sensaciones de textura, tono, intensidad de la música. Se asocia también la armonicidad del sonido con la saturación cromática, así como la masa espectral y otros elementos, siempre trabajando desde la intuición audiovisual.
La parte visual se ha generado a partir de variaciones sobre un fragmento de Flock de RJ Muna.

Luces frías, completed 4/04/2016.

Luces rojizas, completed 3/04/2016.

Luces y penumbras, completed 1/04/2016.

Luz dorada, completed 2/04/2016.