Project Description

With this project, I got started with screendance. I had been composing for years musical pieces about the visions of Teresa of Avila, and I had been working with video about this with the students of Audiovisual Communication. But it was at the workshop on choreography and music Luogo Comune at Spam! (Porcari, Lucca, Italy), that I finally took the first steps to record and create the first screendance.

Tres visiones de Santa Teresa de Ávila: Arrobamiento – El Demonio – Infierno (Three visions of Saint Teresa of Avila: Ecstasy – The Demon – Hell). 6m40. Music & Video-making by Blas Payri. Selected at International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy, 2016.

Arrobamiento (Ecstasy, alternate 1m version). Music & Video-making by Blas Payri.

An early version consisted of only two movements.

First editing presented at Luogo Comune, Laboratorio Sperimentale Porcari (Lucca, IT) in july 2015
Dancer: Flora Vannini
Lights: Roberto Lavagna