Aurore aux doigts dorés

Video art abstract piece made in 2022. Music and image by Blas Payri. Image generated from transform



Abstract visual composition/visual music that relies on the aesthetics of the first abstract composi

Paysage enseveli

, Dance: Lorenza Di Calogero Sound & Filmmaking: Blas

El náufrago de la aurora


A castaway rolls relentlessly to the shore, re-appearing continuously in the sea, and moved by the e

Sehnsuchtsdämmerung – El ocaso del anhelo


The title of this piece, translatable as the twilight of longing, refers to the Sensuchtsmotiv from



These pieces use the mirroring effects to create kaleidoscopic transformation of the entangled body,

El árbol del limbo


Piezas hechas a partir de una grabación de la coreografía Limbo, de Idoya Rossi. Entre les arbres en

Tres miradas al Limbo


Tres miradas al limbo es una obra de música visual en tres movimientos unidos, de tempo y energía co

Estudios para una catatonia


This is a work in progress... These are simple studies for a videodance about catatonia. Hopefully,

Paris – La Défense

Shot in the subway station of La Défense, Paris, this piece uses as dancers both the people moving f

Soy demasiado feo


The title means "I am too ugly", and arises from the end of a long dream. The soundtrack is made out

La sublimación


The sublimation is a screendance that relates the transformation of a human being from the petrified

L’esquisse du printemps


L'esquisse du printemps A videoart piece that integrates dance and different elements. Based on the

Trois regards sur Bacome

, Trois regards sur Bacome (Three glances at Bacome). 4m40. Completed in 0